Iziniko Holdings (Pty) Ltd was registered early in 2017 with the intention of tapping into various opportunities requiring solutions. We are proudly South African, multifaceted business with a global approach to the work that we do throughout Southern Africa. We participate in a range of projects, ensuring meaningful participation of the communities we operate within.


The company has a clear strategy of using collective skills and understanding of markets to develop a unique value proposition to clients.


Wherever the company operates, Iziniko Holdings strives to live by its core values of: People centric, Excellence, Customer Focus, Innovation, Integrity and Performance, Safety, health and environmental management.


Our Social Economic Development (SED) Strategy is about empowering the communities in areas we operate in with resources, support and skills that ultimately lead to better lives.

Iziniko Holding’s SED programme has three key focus areas:

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About Us

Iziniko Holdings (Pty) Ltd was registered with CIPC in 2017 and the Intention is to engage in various opportunities requiring alternative construction and smart energy solutions. The enterprise and its stewards would like to be regarded as solutions focused entity for various challenges and the public benefit being put before profit. We are committed to maintaining a clean environment and consequently believes this will create the ability to operate in a disciplined and sustainable manner over a long term, which is fundamental to maintaining competitive advantage and honoring the deliverables of corporate governance. We are focused around solutions that add business value to our customers with a view to build long term relationships. We build on proven methodologies and processes that will be implemented throughout the business dimensions.

Our Primary Goal

To embrace new technologies in the field of energy savings, exploit changes brought by the manufacturing of low cost bricks, construction of affordable eco-friendly housing, providing renewable energy solutions, recyclable deco materials and also engage in security services and products provision that brings a sense of safety and comfort to our customers.


This focus on clean energy and promotion of alternative building materials will help to drive the trend towards caring for our environment, our communities and our futures. Through this approach we believe we can play a meaningful and decisive role in developing an affordable and sustainable economy.


To achieve this, we work with and employ people, partners and companies that share our vision and are working hard in their chosen fields to make a difference to the world we live in. Integrity & Quality workmanship is very important to us and at the core of how we do business. It also helps to know that we are doing something that is good for the environment and humanity!


We import, distribute, integrate and provide Engineered Alternative Solutions, Components and products that are packaged into turnkey solutions to meet customer needs in terms of energy, construction, home environment and security. The selected offerings, products and service have been chosen primarily because these will help us to achieve our vision for clean environment.

Services, Products & Solutions

Construction Solutions

  • Stumbel Bloc
  • Hydraform Bricks

Geza Home Products

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Shower

Ceiling Insulations

  • Roof & Ceiling Insulations
  • Roof Heat Barrier Coatings & Boards
  • Liquid Water Proofing Systems

Blue lounge - Home & Office

  • Wallpaper Designs
  • Wall Art Panels
  • Splash Backs
  • Solar Window Tinting
  • Blinds, Awnings and Burglar Bars
  • Fabric Shield & Glass Coating Products